What It Does


Are you in compliance with your local, state and federal stormwater discharge policies? If not, we can help. Our customers have reported that the biggest benefit of using a DumpsterGard system is that it helps them to be in compliance with local state and federal requirements for stormwater pollution prevention. DumpterGard has helped our customers obtain “No Exposure Certification For Exclusion from NPDES Storm Water Permitting” as well as obtain ISO14001 and SWPPP Certification.

In addition, installing The DumpsterGard system will help:

  • Reduce liability by giving you more control over who and what goes in and out of your dumpster
  • Reduce tipping fees by keeping rainwater, snow and ice from making your solid waste heavier.
  • Increase profits, security and reduce your company’s negative environmental impact.
To order your DumpsterGard system please contact us at (888) 585-5581.

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