How It Does It

How Does DumpsterGard Work?

Our rugged High Molecular Polyethylene plastic panels are made from over 90% recycled materials. The DumpsterGard is designed to be lightweight, yet rugged to hold snow, handle the heat and hold its shape over time. Furthermore, they are adjustable enough to account for variances in lengths of typical 20, 30 and 40 yard dumpsters.

Every DumpsterGard kit comes with industrial strength ratcheting nylon straps for added security. Whether you live down south or up north, our panels can handle everything from heavy snowfall to torrential hailstorms – all the while protecting you and your company from liability issues such as contaminated rainwater from entering the water supply, thieves stealing valuable recyclables and people depositing their hazardous materials in your dumpster.

Our industry-first, patent pending, cost-effective solution for preventing unwanted risk, pollution and access to your solid waste is just a phone call away.

To order your DumpsterGard system please contact us at (888) 585-5581.

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