About DumpsterGard

DumpsterGard, LLC was formed in July 2010 with a mission to create a better cover for 20, 30 and 40 yard waste dumpsters. Our research showed that people wanted a better cover for 4 major reasons:

  • Comply with local, state and federal stormwater pollution prevention regulations.
  • Keep rain, snow and ice from getting in dumpster to reduce tipping fees.
  • Have more control over who and what goes in and out of their dumpster.
  • Voluntarily reduce their organization’s environmental impact.

We also found that they were looking for 5 main features:

  • Lightweight for ease of installation.
  • Rugged enough to hold snow and ice and hold up to the heat.
  • Adjustable to accommodate different size dumpsters.
  • Securable without needing to modify the dumpster.
  • A Good Investment

Just 15 months after we formed, we introduced the proudly “Made in America” DumpsterGard system that solves all the above problems while providing the main features people asked for. Since then, we have served:

  • Industrial companies like GE, Ford and International Paper
  • Municipalities such as the Town of Redding, CT and Colorado Springs, CO
  • Waste haulers like Waste Management, Republic Services and Casella Waste
  • Scrap dealers including Derichebourg and Tri-State Metals
  • Construction companies such as Cleveland Construction and Whiting Turner

We serve the United States and Canada and are authorized to sell to the U.S. Federal Government. Our product normally ships next day from High Point, NC. We accept VISA, MC and AMEX. For more info, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions and to request a quote, fill out the Quick Quote form or call 888-585-5581.

To order your DumpsterGard system please contact us at (888) 585-5581.

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